Abstracts: 50 Inspirational Projects por Rolina Vanvliet

Abstracts: 50 Inspirational Projects por Rolina Vanvliet

Titulo del libro: Abstracts: 50 Inspirational Projects

Autor: Rolina Vanvliet

Número de páginas: 160 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: June 1, 2011

ISBN: 9781844487158


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Rolina Vanvliet con Abstracts: 50 Inspirational Projects

This original approach to abstracts features 50 projects that will show you the many different ways you can use non-representational painting to express your personal interpretation of your subject.

None of the exercises, however, provide any sort of step-by-step demonstration, but show you how to build up the ideas and use painting techniques to show what you feel rather than what you see. If that sounds like an abstract concept, that's exactly what it is but, by showing specific examples, Rolina will extend your understanding of abstract work immeasurably.

Each project features an outline of the study task, a list of materials and a summary of the picture elements as well as notes on the techniques used and the main points of composition. You also get a work sequence and study tips to take you further, but the emphasis is not so much on recreating Rolina's own example, but of using it as a starting point for your own creativity.

If you've started working with abstracts and are looking for the crucial next step, you're pretty much certain to find it here.

Search Press . Paperback . 160 pages . Colour throughout